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Trendy Bridal Jewelries to Try

jewelryThe trend in bridal jewelry is branching out this 2015. There are many celebrities who are testaments to this budding trend. If you want to be stylish and updated when it comes to bridal jewelry style, this article will help you a lot.

Zircona heart cut for traditional brides

If you have penchant with brilliant white color then this stone is a perfect main stone is a perfect main stone for your engagement ring. Aside from its attractive color, it also carries deep meaning that depicts purity of bride-to-bes. Aside from traditional white color, heart cut zircon is also available in purple, red and fancy pink. The shades are looking passionate and intimate, according to bridal jewelry stylists.

Daydream princess themed accessories

Inspiration from childhood is one of the common and emergent themes used by brides this 2015. This theme simply means most of the jewelry items worn by the bride are focusing on romantic style. To accent the white dress worn by the bride, the accessories are usually hinting with pink, red, gold and champagne. Bracelets, brooches, earrings and tiaras are also available in yellow, white, silver and rose gold.

Natural looking accessories

If you are a down to earth bride, the first thing that you want should be balance in between nurture and nature. This wedding accessories theme is mainly focusing on color palettes patterns from nature. The gemstone selections are ranging from plate pinks and peachy tones, dark blue to watery green, and many more. If your wedding will be held outdoors, worry not because this bridal accessory theme easily harmonizes with nature.

If there is a star in this theme, it is the topaz. Traditionally, topaz gems are white, but this one is a bit different because it exudes jazzy feel, charisma and being so natural. Unlike other gems, this new type of topaz is more on being unique and calm which is perfect as heirloom accessories.

Bridal accessories with urban minimalist style

This theme is indeed for 2015 bridal accessories indeed interesting and unique since it is using black as replacement to white. As what most pioneers of this style are saying, black tone is the new white. Accessories following this style are defined as being honest, confident and balanced. This style is a perfect match for brides who are chic yet simple when it comes to style.

For engagement rings under this theme, metals used are like their predecessors—platinum, steel, silver and yellow gold. On the other hand, the gemstones used as the main stone are usually black and white in monochrome accented by some intriguing vibrant hues. Moreover, the usage of zirconia cut is also heavily utilized in this style. Each cut has its own meaning like #8 that is synonymous to eternal marriage or infinity.

There are a number of bridal accessory styles that you can utilize from the 2015 catalogue of styles alone. If you need help when it comes to making decisions, do not hesitate to ask assistance from professional bridal accessory stylist.