Wedding Catering Helpful Budget Tips in Houston, TX

Tops Budget Tips for Your Wedding Catering

cateringWhen there is food, you should have a spared budget. Coming up with the best menu for your wedding reception can be really easy for as long as you have the budget. However, most couples are always having trouble with the finance part. When this happens, every detail of the catering will also be affected, check here

Do no panic with your wedding catering in Houston, TX because it can still be salvaged. You can always work with professionals who are willing to go the extra mile just to customize an excellent meal option without sacrificing quality in an affordable price.

3-course meal

If you have a dinner reception, there is a need to serve 5-course meal. However, this type of setup is super expensive since the 5 course meal usually needs premium ingredients. To tone down the cost for this type of menu option, you can eliminate some and just serve three well thought servings. To cap off this meal, you can add salad and soup.

Simplified hors d’oeuvres

When you say go easy with your hors d’oeuvres, it means that you need to set a minimum number of courses. Most of the time, caterers will suggest around three dishes plus the cocktail drinks. To fill the gaps, add more nibbles so the guests will feel busy. Avoiding unnecessary food is really important so you can trim down the cost.

Bites for self serve

One reason why most catering packages are becoming expensive is the number of staffs you are hiring. If you have a self service bites station, you can get rid of the waiters. Instead of waiting for the staff to go around and serve food, the guests will be encouraged to stand up and go to the station to get their own drinks, bite and even gourmet crackers, fresh slice of fruits and many more. For more creative options, you can serve artisan cheese.

Supplemental stations

One form of budget meal is the supplemental stations. These stations are budget friendly as they are composed of simple on-the-go selections like mashed potato, self serve pasta, toppings, sauce and many more. These budget meals are also a common favorite among guests that is why they are relatable and easily replenished.  

To serve the best meal, you need to educate yourself regarding the ingredients—where to get them locally, how they are prepared and many more. Work with your caterer so you will know the process. The next time you will have an event, you’ll know what to do.

If you need assistance for your wedding menu options, you can always ask assistance from professional caterers in the local area. To find the best provider, ask for references from trade organizations. Simplified wedding catering in Houston, TX will pave way into something creative and affordable.

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