Working with Columbus, OH Secular Wedding Officiants

Secular Wedding Officiants

officiant6Aside from bridal outfit and wedding jewelry you also need to plan for your officiant. There are two options when it comes to working with wedding officiants in Columbus, OH. You can either go with secular or religious officiants. For couples who are planning to tie the knot at their favorite chapel or cathedral, they go for religious weddings as managed by church officiants. However, there are some couples who prefer to have civil union so they go with secular ones.

So, the big question is where to find these secular officiants? Here are some of the useful suggestions according to professional wedding planners:

(1) Local courthouse.

Most officiants found in the courthouse are usually Justices. Unlike priests and other religious head, these individuals are very legitimate to officiate the union since they represent the state. The best way to get a hold of these individuals is to research on the courthouses near your area. Talk to them over the phone and decide who has the best personality for the job.

(2) Local city hall.

In order to get a hold of officiants from the local city hall, there is the need to schedule for an appointment. When the appointment is done, everything will be processed. The type of wedding or union transpiring in a city hall is usually quick. For couples who want to save a lot of cash, this is the best option. In some states, a civil wedding or union held at a city hall will only make you spend around $100. You can just binge on the wedding reception later.

(3) References from friends and members of your family.

If you have no idea where to start looking, always check by with your family members and friends. They might have an idea where you can get the service. According to experts, anyone who is already a minister or has been ordained lately can be an officiant even if the ceremony is done virtually or online. However, most couples prefer a union wherein they can see and talk to the officiant. In short, they want the officiant to be in the ceremony physically.

Whether you are working with a religious or secular wedding officiant, please make sure that you see connection. There are boring marriage moderators; there are those who are fun and easy going. According to experts, go for the ones whom you can easily click with.

Most of the time, details related to wedding officiants in Columbus, OH are passed on or ignored by the couple. Please take note that a wedding ceremony will be successful without the help of an officiant. Moreover, a wedding union without this individual is null or void and not recognized by the state.